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VA One-Time Close Loans

For military families stationed in and around Jacksonville, North Carolina, the dream of homeownership has more options than ever, thanks to the One-Time Close VA Loan program with Allied First Bank. This unique financing option, offering up to 100% financing, extends its benefits to manufactured homes and land development, presenting a seamless and cost-effective path to building or buying a home. The program is particularly relevant in areas like Richlands, Surf City, Topsail, Hampstead, and Wilmington, where the blend of community, natural beauty, and affordability creates an ideal setting for military families to plant roots.

Simplifying Homeownership

The One-Time Close VA Loan is a specialized financial tool tailored for veterans and active-duty service members. It consolidates the land purchase, home construction, and mortgage into a single loan process, eliminating the need for multiple closings and reducing overall costs. This program is particularly advantageous for those looking to build their homes, as it covers both the construction phase and the final mortgage, simplifying the financial journey. There is also no requalifying needed at the end of the build. Once your initial loan closes you are on your way to building your own dream home.

Key Advantages for Military Families

  • 100% Financing and No Down Payment: This aspect of the VA loan is a significant relief for many military families who may not have large savings for a down payment.
  • Inclusion of Manufactured Homes: The program’s coverage of manufactured homes offers an affordable and flexible housing option, ideal for families seeking a quick and efficient path to homeownership.
  • Land Development Opportunities: For families wishing to build their custom homes, the loan covers land purchases and development, an excellent opportunity for those stationed in Jacksonville and its environs.
  • Streamlined Loan Process: By combining all steps into one, the loan process is more straightforward, with less paperwork and a single set of closing costs.

Jacksonville, NC and Surrounding Areas: A Haven for Military Families

Jacksonville, home to the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, is a city deeply connected to the military community. The surrounding areas, including Richlands, Surf City, Hampstead, and Wilmington, offer diverse living experiences, from serene countryside to vibrant coastal towns.

Richlands: Rural Charm and Community Spirit

Richlands, with its rural charm and strong community spirit, is an excellent option for families seeking a quieter lifestyle. The area offers affordable land and housing options, making it a prime location for utilizing the One-Time Close VA Loan.

Surf City and Hampstead: Coastal Living and Recreation

For those drawn to the coast, Surf City, Topsail and Hampstead present a perfect blend of beach life and family-friendly communities. These areas offer opportunities for building coastal retreats or purchasing existing homes, with the added advantage of water-based recreation and relaxation.

Wilmington: Rich History and Urban Amenities

Wilmington offers a more urban experience, with its rich history, diverse cultural scene, and extensive amenities. Military families can enjoy the city’s vibrant lifestyle while benefiting from the One-Time Close VA Loan to secure their home in this dynamic setting.

Navigating the Loan Process in These Areas

  • Check Eligibility: Military families should first confirm their eligibility for the VA loan, considering service duration and discharge status. We will confirm your eligibility in our initial call.
  • Choose a Location: Whether it’s the tranquility of Richlands, the coastal allure of Surf City and Hampstead, or the urban appeal of Wilmington, selecting the right location is crucial.
  • Select a Property or Plan Construction: Depending on preferences, families can opt for a pre-built home, a manufactured home, or plan a custom build on purchased land.
  • Loan Application and Approval: Working with a lender experienced in One-Time Close VA Loans, families will go through the application process, property appraisal, and loan approval.


The One-Time Close VA Loan offers a remarkable opportunity for military families in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. It provides an all-in-one solution for those looking to build or buy a home, accommodating various lifestyles and preferences. This program not only simplifies the journey to homeownership but also acknowledges the sacrifices of military families by making their housing dreams more achievable. In these communities, where military life is an integral part, the One-Time Close VA Loan stands as a testament to the nation’s gratitude and commitment to its service members and their families.

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